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We are working to heal the relationship between people and wildlife. This means changing the paradigm of wildlife management worldwide. It also means building a movement of like-minded people to carry this goal to every corner of the earth.

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That’s where you come in. This is your opportunity to be part of this movement to change the world. Join us today as a member of the growing coexistence coalition. Take the Pledge. Stay involved. Members are the first to gain access to webinars, podcasts, interviews, new videos, and other important resources.

Take the Citizen of the Earth Pledge

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I am a citizen of the earth.
I value living in a world where diverse wildlife thrive freely in healthy wild places, and communities sustainably coexist with wildlife. I pledge to take action to speak for the wild ones as they cannot speak for themselves.
I will make choices in my daily life mindful of the impacts that my decisions make locally and globally on our wild earth.
I will support leaders who value and take action to protect our planet’s diversity of life.
I embrace a coexistence consciousness with others who make this pledge and together we will create a new paradigm in harmony with the earth and all her wild children.

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Join the International Wildlife Coexistence Network and take the pledge to embrace a coexistence consciousness as a citizen of the earth. Members will have full access to resources, the latest news, and much more to come!

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