IWCN: Shark Coexistence Webinar

Sharks as the apex predator of the sea are feared and persecuted, yet they are essential to healthy oceans and key to our survival. What if we could learn to read the body language of sharks to interact safely with them in the ocean? What if we could find nonlethal alternatives so people and sharks … Continued

IWCN: “Down Under!” – A Wildlife Coexistence Webinar

Watch the International Wildlife Coexistence Network “Down Under” showcase the progress towards coexistence in Australia! Australia is a biodiversity hotspot with more than 10% of the world’s animals and plant species! Our special guest is Linda Sparrow, President Bangalow Koalas’ efforts to restore wildlife corridors for koalas after the 2019-20 wildfires. She describes the organization’s … Continued

IWCN: Creative Conservation Webinar

How are ‘Digital Twins,’ ‘Play to Conserve’ ‘Wildlife Avatars,’ and ‘Measure to Earn’ programs helping people coexist with and conserve wildlife? In this webinar, IWCN (International Wildlife Coexistence Network) will present three conservation groups, who are implementing ‘outside-the-box’ approaches to help humans support nature’s needs. Whether it’s experimenting with digital tools to raise awareness, protecting … Continued

Roger Koenig: Coexisting with Sharks

Roger Koenig, a freediver and underwater photographer, documented his experiences with sharks and he learned how to read shark behaviour and safety interact with them. Now, he shares his knowledge with swimmers and freedivers to replace fear with respect.

IWCN: Unite For Wolves Webinar, January 2022

Find out how you can become engaged in the efforts to save wolves in the northern Rockies and beyond through this webinar put on my The O6 Legacy and The International Wildlife Coexistence Network. Suzanne Asha Stone, Executive Director of The International Wildlife Coexistence Network has more than 25 years of experience with Northern Rocky … Continued

IWCN: How to Coexist With Bears Webinar

It’s Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and bears are coming out of hibernation in many places. Both grizzly bears and black bears prefer to stay away from people, but when it comes to looking for food sources, some people make it irresistible for bears to stay away. Whether it be feeding birds and pets in … Continued

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