The effectiveness of livestock protection measures against wolves (Canis lupus) and implications for their co-existence with humans

Wolves (Canis lupus) can kill domestic livestock resulting in intense conflicts with humans. Damage to livestock should be reduced to facilitate human-wolf coexistence and ensure positive outcomes of conservation efforts. Current knowledge on the effectiveness of livestock protection measures from wolves is limited and scattered in the literature. In this study, we compiled a dataset … Continued

Troublemaking carnivores: conflicts with humans in a diverse assemblage of large carnivores

Human-wildlife conflicts are a global conservation and management challenge. Multipredator systems present added complexity to the resolution of human-wildlife conflicts because mitigation strategies often are species-specific. Documenting the type and distribution of such conflicts is an important first step toward ensuring that subsequent management and mitigation efforts are appropriately targeted. We reviewed 16 years of … Continued

Mentoring generations of conservation leaders  

Dick Jordan carried the news to Timberline High School, and it wasn’t good.  The wolf pack their school adopted more than 20 years ago had been killed, on purpose, by USDA’s Wildlife Services.    The students were shocked. Generations of Timberline wolves have been followed and studied by generations of students at Timberline High School. They’ve … Continued

Who’s a Good Dad?

This Father’s Day, we celebrate dads around the world! But some dads won’t be getting cards or grills or tools this holiday. And that’s alright with them. They are the wildlife dads and many of these dads take fatherhood to the next level! For instance, emperor penguin dads are probably the best dads of all … Continued

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