IWCN: Small Wild Cats Webinar

You will hear from Mariam Weston, Coordinator of the Ocelot Working Group, and Isabel Serrano, Conservation and Rural Development Biologist, both focused on projects related to enabling coexistence, and community engagement for the conservation of wild cats in Mexico and other countries of Latin America. Dr. Flavia Tirelli, Coordinator of the Geoffroy’s Cat Working Group, … Continued

IWCN: Big Cat Webinar

On Thursday, May 4th, the International Wildlife Coexistence Network (IWCN) is hosted a Coexisting with Big Cats webinar to share real-life stories on how nonlethal methods have been successfully used to protect predators including puma, jaguar, and ocelot across Central and South America and the United States. You will hear from the Humane Society International’s … Continued

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