Efforts to Relist Wolves Vary by Location 

Due to the plight of gray wolves in a number of states across the country, there are efforts to regain protections for both wolves in the Northern Rockies and what is called the national population, which was removed from the endangered species list by the US. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in 2020 and includes … Continued

What is a Wolf Pup’s Life Worth?

Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Springtime is the time of new life and family unity for wolves.  The whole year before and after revolves around preparing for pups and caring for them until they reach 10 months of age and can take care of themselves.  The pups are so cherished by … Continued

Tell President Biden and Sec. Haaland that Idaho and Montana Wolves Need Federal Protections Now

Personal hand-written letters are an extremely effective way to communicate to elected officials. President Biden takes time at night to read personal letters from ordinary Americans to give him a sense of the national mood on key issues.  So, let’s show him that ordinary Americans care about wolves!   Here are some tips for writing to President Biden and the Secretary of the Department of the … Continued

Help us Complete the Last Mile…and save Wolves!

The “Sheep Ranch” sits in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem in Minnesota.  It’s the only livestock operation in a 700 square mile region that is otherwise a wolf stronghold in the state. Tragically, this 1500 acre cattle ranch has been the source of long term wolf-livestock conflict for years, which has resulted in over 200 wolves … Continued

Sign Petition: Restore Protection for Wolves Now!

Wolves across the US are again being persecuted under state management. The State of Idaho has adopted legislation that allows for the killing of 90% of the wolves statewide including newborn pups and nursing mothers in their dens. The State of Montana has adopted a bounty system similar to the one that led to the … Continued

Conservationists call for veto of Idaho’s wolf eradication bill

Conservationists call for veto of wolf eradication bill Contact: Talasi Brooks, Western Watersheds Project (208) 336-9077 Garrick Dutcher, Living With Wolves (208) 726-3987 Suzanne Asha Stone, International Wildlife Coexistence Network, (208) 861-5177 BOISE, Ida.—Today the Idaho Legislature passed S. 1211, a bill that seizes wildlife management authority from the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and … Continued

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