For the Wild Ones

As we come to the end of the first year of operations for the International Wildlife Coexistence Network, I want to take a moment to share our major accomplishments. These include establishing a new global wildlife coexistence library to ensure all people have access to valuable resources; developing an exceptional Coexistence Council of experts that are already working with communities to identify nonlethal tools and … Continued

Coexisting with Wolves

Coexistence is not a new philosophy for the folks on the ground at the Wood River Wolf Project or the Voyageurs Wolf Project. They live it during every summer grazing season.  For 14 years, the Wood River Wolf Project has been on the ground using nonlethal strategies to minimize wolf sheep conflicts in Idaho. When … Continued

What is a Wolf Pup’s Life Worth?

Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Springtime is the time of new life and family unity for wolves.  The whole year before and after revolves around preparing for pups and caring for them until they reach 10 months of age and can take care of themselves.  The pups are so cherished by … Continued

Conservationists call for veto of Idaho’s wolf eradication bill

Conservationists call for veto of wolf eradication bill Contact: Talasi Brooks, Western Watersheds Project (208) 336-9077 Garrick Dutcher, Living With Wolves (208) 726-3987 Suzanne Asha Stone, International Wildlife Coexistence Network, (208) 861-5177 BOISE, Ida.—Today the Idaho Legislature passed S. 1211, a bill that seizes wildlife management authority from the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and … Continued

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