Coexisting with Bears

Bears are more inclined to stay away from people, but when it comes to food sources, we often make it irresistible for them to keep their distance. Beehives, ranches, chickens, fruit trees, feed and grain can attract bears. And even in towns or small communities, bird feeders, feeding pets outside, greasy barbeque grills and trash, … Continued

Keeping Bison Wild

“I follow Tamulwit,” said James Holt, Coexistence Council member and executive director of the Buffalo Field Campaign. “It’s a sacred responsibility. Back before human beings came, the Creator called a council with all the living beings: the animals, the plants. He asked them what they would do for the human beings that were coming and … Continued

Wolves of the Lavant 

The International Wildlife Coexistence Network strives to provide direct guidance to projects on the ground. Our Wildlife Coexistence Innovation Challenge brings experts together with active projects that need some additional guidance and new ideas to address wildlife challenges.    Our first challenge focused on the Wolves of the Levant project, run by Compassionate Conservation Middle … Continued

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