Meta-Analysis of Attitudes toward Damage-CausingMammalian Wildlife

Many populations of threatened mammals persist outside formally protected areas, and theirsurvival depends on the willingness of communities to coexist with them. An understanding of the attitudes,and specifically the tolerance, of individuals and communities and the factors that determine these is thereforefundamental to designing strategies to alleviate human-wildlife conflict. We conducted a meta-analysis toidentify factors … Continued

Key factors driving attitudes towards large mammals in conflict with humans

Biodiversity conflicts, and human–wildlife conflicts (HWC) in particular, are predicted to increase. Understanding drivers of these conflicts is a prerequisite for developing strategies to achieve conservation goals. People are a part of all HWC problems meaning social research methods are essential for finding solutions. We conducted a meta-analysis of the variables predicted to drive attitudes … Continued

Troublemaking carnivores: conflicts with humans in a diverse assemblage of large carnivores

Human-wildlife conflicts are a global conservation and management challenge. Multipredator systems present added complexity to the resolution of human-wildlife conflicts because mitigation strategies often are species-specific. Documenting the type and distribution of such conflicts is an important first step toward ensuring that subsequent management and mitigation efforts are appropriately targeted. We reviewed 16 years of … Continued

Sharing land with bears: Insights toward effective coexistence

Cohabiting with large carnivores does not necessarily equate to coexistence. In human-dominated landscapes, an effective coexistence is necessary to ensure long-term viable and sustainable conditions for large carnivores and humans, respectively. To better understand how cohabitation may develop toward coexistence, we used some of the cognitive hierarchy constructs to compare (n = 196 questionnaires) stakeholders’ attitudes, beliefs, … Continued

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