Sharing land with bears: Insights toward effective coexistence

Cohabiting with large carnivores does not necessarily equate to coexistence. In human-dominated landscapes, an effective coexistence is necessary to ensure long-term viable and sustainable conditions for large carnivores and humans, respectively. To better understand how cohabitation may develop toward coexistence, we used some of the cognitive hierarchy constructs to compare (n = 196 questionnaires) stakeholders’ attitudes, beliefs, … Continued

Mentoring generations of conservation leaders  

Dick Jordan carried the news to Timberline High School, and it wasn’t good.  The wolf pack their school adopted more than 20 years ago had been killed, on purpose, by USDA’s Wildlife Services.    The students were shocked. Generations of Timberline wolves have been followed and studied by generations of students at Timberline High School. They’ve … Continued

Who’s a Good Dad?

This Father’s Day, we celebrate dads around the world! But some dads won’t be getting cards or grills or tools this holiday. And that’s alright with them. They are the wildlife dads and many of these dads take fatherhood to the next level! For instance, emperor penguin dads are probably the best dads of all … Continued

What Goes Up Must Come Down 

May years ago, I was a Girl Scout leader.  We had just completed a wonderful father daughter dance and the girls were cleaning up.  I had just brought some boxes of supplies to my car. When I turned back to the building, the girls were all outside enthusiastically counting down to release a fist full … Continued

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