IWCN: Unite For Wolves Webinar, January 2022

Find out how you can become engaged in the efforts to save wolves in the northern Rockies and beyond through this webinar put on my The O6 Legacy and The International Wildlife Coexistence Network. Suzanne Asha Stone, Executive Director of The International Wildlife Coexistence Network has more than 25 years of experience with Northern Rocky … Continued

IWCN: How to Coexist With Bears Webinar

It’s Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and bears are coming out of hibernation in many places. Both grizzly bears and black bears prefer to stay away from people, but when it comes to looking for food sources, some people make it irresistible for bears to stay away. Whether it be feeding birds and pets in … Continued

IWCN: Unite for Wolves Webinar, May 2022

Bounties, night raids, hunting hounds and now, the killing of pups and nursing mothers in their dens. While Wyoming and Montana have ended their hunting seasons on wolves, Idaho continues on, during the most vulnerable time for wolves as they are raising their newborn pups. Join us for a forum where you will hear from … Continued

IWCN: How to Coexist with Bison Webinar

The Plains Bison (Bison bison or Bos bison) once roamed the country by the millions, thundering through the plains in great herds. But the species was slaughtered during westward expansion in the United States, nearly driving them to extinction. Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the US where bison have continuously lived since … Continued

IWCN: Unite for Wolves Webinar, August 2022

Who can coexist with Wolves? We can! Hear from those working with livestock owners to proactively implement nonlethal measures both ancient and modern to coexist with wolves and other native wildlife in the Western United States and across the world in Hungary. During this forum, you’ll learn about wolves in Idaho and their battle to … Continued

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