Wolf Forum 

September 30, 2021

Wolf Coexistence Forum that showcased coexistence projects tools and practices that successfully enable wolves and livestock to live together on shared landscape. The forum features project representatives from two US wolf coexistence efforts: The Wood River Wolf project in Idaho that pioneered effective nonlethal deterrents and has become the longest wolf/livestock public lands coexistence effort in the country.  And, The Voyageurs Wolf Project run by University of Minnesota research project that studies wolf behavior and reproductive ecology. IWCN helped to fund coexistence measures to assist a local cattle rancher to reduce wolf-livestock conflicts on 1500 acres of land at the nexus of four wolf packs. 

Watch this forum here. 


Shark Forum

July 30, 2021

We hosted a Shark Forum the deepened the understanding of ways to coexist with sharks, a misunderstood and maligned species. We dove deep into the world of sharks with two speakers as our guides. IWCN’s Coexistence expert, Dr Roger Konig, a scientist, underwater photographer, and freediver based in Australia that talked about understanding shark behaviour and communication.  As well as documentary filmmaker Andre Borrell director of Envoy: Shark Cull. That explores the longest running and lethal shark program in Australia and various alternatives to culling that are more effective in keeping swimmers, surfers and sharks safe.

Watch this forum here.

A koala on a tree
IWCN Down Under

April 30, 2021

For this forum we travelled to Australia to discover coexistence efforts there. Our featured speakers were 

Linda Sparrow, president of Bangalow Koalas who shared the huge efforts in eastern Australia to replant vital habitat for koalas survival after the devastating wild fires. As well as our own Louise Boronyak who shared efforts to coexist with kangaroo and dingoes, two species that are often persecuted due to conflicts with farmers.

Watch this forum here. 

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