This Father’s Day, we celebrate dads around the world! But some dads won’t be getting cards or grills or tools this holiday. And that’s alright with them. They are the wildlife dads and many of these dads take fatherhood to the next level!

For instance, emperor penguin dads are probably the best dads of all time! The female lays her egg, but then she heads out with her girlfriends for about two months to enjoy a seafood buffet at sea. While she is away, the male steps up to keep the egg warm and safe. Dad balances the egg on his feet for about 65-75 days to keep it off the frigid snow and ice. He huddles with other dads to stay as warm as possible in the Antarctic cold. During this time, the dad’s don’t eat at all, surviving on their body fat that they built up during their own summer seafood buffet.

Seahorse dads get pregnant!! The female seahorse puts her eggs in the male and then he self-fertilizes the eggs and carries them for two to three weeks before giving birth. Depending on the species of seahorse, he can give birth to 50-1500 babies at a time!

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) and Pup Touch Outside Den – captive animals

A wolf dad has a lot to do to protect his mate and pups. Dad teaches the pups to help protect the pack and the whole pack pitches in to help raise the pups, teaching them wolf pack etiquette and how to hunt for food. Everyone has an important role to play in the pack.

Mom and dad bald eagle mate for life. Both are fully engaged in the tasks of parenting! Both sexes build the nest together and conduct renovations each year. Nests can be six feet wide! Dad takes turns with mom to incubate the eggs and feed their young. The young stay in the nest until they are ready to fly. At this point they can be even bigger than their parents! Even with a big nest, that can get a little crowded.

This Father’s Day let’s celebrate all dads, whether they walk on two feet, four paws or swim! Thanks Dads!

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