The “Sheep Ranch” sits in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem in Minnesota.  It’s the only livestock operation in a 700 square mile region that is otherwise a wolf stronghold in the state. Tragically, this 1500 acre cattle ranch has been the source of long term wolf-livestock conflict for years, which has resulted in over 200 wolves being killed on this ranch in the last 20 years.  But that’s all about to change.

The International Wildlife Conservation Network is partnering with the Voyageurs Wolf Project to build a predator deterrent fence to keep the wolves away from the livestock on this ranch.  And here’s your chance to  help! 

This is an amazing team effort and shows the power of all of us working together. Wildlife Services and the rancher have already contributed 5.5 miles of fencing to this effort. Only two more miles of fence are needed to complete the project. These fences have been tested and I can tell you from experience, they have successfully prevented wolves from entering lambing pastures for several seasons now. 

A generous donor has already committed to purchasing one mile of fencing. That means we need to raise $6500 for the last mile. 

With your help, we can build the last mile of fencing! This ranch is at the nexus of four wolf packs. Your contribution will provide a safer place for wolves in the greater Voyageurs Ecosystem in Minnesota. 

The rancher, Wildlife Services and Voyageurs Wolf Project have a field crew standing by to install the rest of the fence. Once funding is in place, the fence can be installed within weeks

There is no time to lose. Lambing season is upon us.  

This rancher has committed to non-lethal deterrents to avoid the conflicts but fences like this one are expensive. Completion of this fence and the subsequent elimination or reduction of depredations would be a win-win for wolves, the rancher, his livestock and the public! 

Our efforts won’t stop with the fencing. I’m helping Voyageurs Wolf Project and Wildlife Servicesevaluate other non-lethal tools that may be helpful on this ranch such as Foxlights and turbo-fladry. Voyageurs Wolf Project is committed to conducting extensive field work and will monitor the efficacy of the fence, high-intensity fix-interval GPS collars, and remote cameras. This project could be a valuable case study for minimizing chronic, continual wolf livestock conflicts. Installing permanent barriers — where possible and when other non-lethal approaches are ineffective– that separate predators and livestock can increase tolerance for large carnivores by livestock producers and finally end the seemingly endless loss of  wolves in this high conflict area.

Be a part of the coexistence solution!  Help us complete  the last mile and save the wolves that call the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem home. 

Check out the the Sheep Ranch pack pups that call this beautiful area their home.

Please donate $30 or whatever you can to build the last mile of fencing and save wolves this summer! We need your help today. Time is of the essence.

Thank you for helping us make wildlife coexistence a reality. Together, we can create a future where communities worldwide live sustainably with their local wildlife.


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