Recently, President Biden was interviewed by Coyote Peterson on Brave Wilderness.  He told Coyote that his grandkids were concerned about the wolves, “One of the things I’m getting from my grandkids — some of them are really little — they’re calling me and saying ‘Pop, they’re going to kill all the wolves! Why’s that happening, Pop?’”  

Later in the interview, Coyote told Biden how concerned he was about wolves in Idaho and Montana. Biden said,” I’m in, I’m in with you. By the way, I am a big dog person. Every single species of dog, every single breed, has come from the gray wolf.  Every single one.”

Gizmo is sharing his support for wolves.

With that, dogs around the country have launched #Dogs4Wolves to encourage President Biden and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to relist wolves in Idaho and Montana.  

You can help your dog support this campaign.  Take a picture of your dog with this  #Dogs4Wolves Sign.  Then post your picture on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with a message like this one.  Stop the wolf extermination campaign in Idaho and Montana. Give wolves ESA protections @POTUS and @SecDebHaaland #Dogs4Wolves #IStandWithWolves. 

Share this campaign with other dogs so that President Biden, Secretary Haaland, Champ and  Major hear our howls loud and clear.  Wolves in Idaho and Montana need federal protection now!  


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