IWCN Top Public Achievements Since Launch January 23, 2021

  • Built a Wildlife Coexistence Council featuring many of the world’s top leaders in wildlife conservation, social science, education, agriculture, public relations, marketing, and more, who are eager to share their experience and knowledge with those who are seeking nonviolent solutions to conflicts.  
  • Established and continue to expand the largest free online Wildlife Coexistence Library
  • Launched an Educational Forum Series to directly share case studies of successful coexistence projects with communities, federal and state agencies, universities and students.
  • Partnered with Voyageurs Wolf Project in Minnesota to raise $13,000 in funds from our supporters to build a 7.5 mile fence around the parimeter of a ranch in the Voyaguers Ecosystem that sits at the nexus of four wolf packs to reduce wolf-livestock conflict in the area. The fencing has already proved to be an effective deterrent.  
  • Launched an effective campaign to relist wolves in the Northern Rockies,  resulting in a positive 90 day finding by the US. Fish and Wildlife Service, which starts a 12-moth review on the status of these wolves.  We continue to fight for emergency listing for wolves.  We have coordinated a scientist letter to Secretary Haaland, featuring the leading experts in wildlife management  Our petition has garnered 85,000 signatures; and our RelistWolvesNow video features Jane Goodall, Senator Cory Booker, Dan Ashe and Coyote Peterson. 
  • In July we launched our Tik Tok account, where we focus on sharing different examples of coexistence and fun facts about wildlife. Through this we have broadened our reach and influence. 
  • Provided expert testimony to the New South Wales inquiry into kangaroo health and welfare in Australia.  
  • Provided coexistence best practices, direct guidance and support (Wolves in US, Germany, Israel, France, Denmark, Belgium; Dingo; Coyote; Bear; Chimpanzee; Tiger; Mountain Lion; Jaguar). Our experts and staff have supported projects across the world to promote peaceful coexistence between local communities and wildlife.  

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