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Why do we need a Coexistence Network?

Why do we need a coexistence network?

The number of people living in wildlife habitat around the world is increasing. As a result, conflicts with wildlife are also increasing. Often, humans either displace or kill the wildlife that poses a threat to agricultural and other interests. Destroying wildlife and their habitat undermines biodiversity and the resiliency of ecosystems. Often, the actions result in escalating conflicts and ultimately the loss of unique species on the landscape.

But with careful thought and planning, it is possible for both wildlife and humans to coexist. In many places, locals are protecting wildlife and encouraging peaceful new solutions. The number of projects is growing, but many fail due to lack of resources, expertise, and community support. And that’s where the International Wildlife Coexistence Network comes in.

Our greatest challenge – connecting together – is also our greatest resource as through these connections we can build a bridge between practitioners seeking to share their expertise with others seeking nonviolent solutions to these conflicts.

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